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One of the main values in Delta Chi is to develop character. The Wilmington Chapter stresses on how important it is to be a leader in today's community and hope to grow the men that join into full leaders. 

Regional Leadership Conference

Delta Chi is split into 9 regions - with the Wilmington Chapter being in Region 9. Each region hosts their own Regional Leadership Conference, or RLC, which let's our Executive Board (and other members interested in advancing their leadership skills) meet other Delta Chi's from other universities and take part in lectures and team-building exercises to help strengthen the bond between brothers. 

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Our chapter wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for our past and present Executive Board. Being on the Executive Board takes dedication, passion, and leadership and provides a great opportunity for our members to gain experience as a leader.



Delta Chi understands the importance of becoming a leader. Each year, Delta Chi Nationals host the Emerging Leaders Academy over the summer at our Alpha chapter - Cornell University. This three day conference is geared to rising sophomores and juniors and helps Delta Chi's find their potential as an important member on our campus and community.

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